Back to Basics


This is my default look: dress, straight hair, light make-up, high heels. But for some time, I gave it a rest. Going to office looking like blah, not wanting to dress up. I can say that I lost my energy in doing so just cause. I have a lot going on in myself, I guess? When I arrived at work this morning, my friends said “Nagbalik ka!” and I guess I am? After all the confusions, heartbreaks, brokenness, I hope I am now a whole new different person! =)

Last night, I watched Nick Vujicic at Araneta Coliseum. It was such an adventure getting tickets, I had a migraine attack! But I must say, it was all worth it! Hearing this man talk is such a life-changing event!

Here are the things I have learned from him:

1. COURAGE not FEAR  : Courage is doing something in presence of fear.

2. When you failed, try again.


4. Be thankful. Stop looking for what you don’t have!

5. Money is NOTHING. (You are rich, but you have an unhappy life, it’s nothing)

6. The greatest things in life are not things.

7. You don’t need the courage to win, you need the courage to fail!

8. Obstacles = Opportunities

9. Find your PURPOSE to find your COURAGE

10. Be yourself, make good choices.

11. Don’t go with the flow because you sure don’t wanna end up the way they end up.

12. If you aren’t generous today, you won’t be generous tomorrow. So make a difference today.

13. If you are not happy being single, you won’t be happy being married.

I was crying at the last part of it when he was talking about self-worth and being beautiful just the way we are. Coming from a man who was born with no arms and legs, I feel like I have no reasons to feel ugly if he sees himself as one who is wonderfully made by God! I love this guy and I wanna thank him for being so courageous and persistent in inspiring people. If at first failure he stopped his dream of being a motivational speaker, he wouldn’t be able to touch lives including mine! I pray that I can find that inner Nick in me. If we all let go of our negative selves, build each other up, and help one another, this world would be a priceless beauty!

If there is one thing I got to realize from last night, it’s that I should feed myself more of positive, beautiful, good things and stay away from negative people. I wanna stop living a life of rants, complains and hatred. I wanna be a light, a smile that makes everyone smile. I wanna be a friend whom everyone can lean on, can rely on, not the one who is always in need of everything. I want a change in my lifestyle, a complete 180 degrees. I wanna be that! I can be that if I start today! :)

Here’s to a brand new spirit!


Princess Bubblegum









I was soooo giddy to get my hands on this dres. It took me a week!!! I was so frustrated but whatever, it’s worth the wait!

It’s so me! I love dresses that is too girly and too sexy at the same time — very unpredictable in a way. I mean, girls are like that sometimes, right? There are times we want to be just a girl, and sometimes we want to be a legit woman. I’m not saying that wearing sexy clothes makes us one legit lady, but you get my point.

I also love the color! It’s very doll-like. I wore this at my office (of course, I’m wearing blazer guys), and my friends are telling me how such a barbie I am, lol. If someone is feeling lonely, tingin ko lang, if I pass by at that person, magiging masaya sya! Hahaha. Because the color makes you happy just by looking at it, riiiggght? =) I am currently thinking of events in which I could wear this again!! Hahaha!

Good news to those who love this dress, I am selling them! Actually, I have 6 pieces of this but the moment I received them, my friends immediately get them. So I only have two left :

 WD130P480_WD131P480You can go follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook for more details =)


Rock, baby, rock!






I am a fan of sparkling clothes and studded shoes. The top is just simply stylish, the gold details helped a lot. Partnered it with high-waisted shorts and studded boots to make it more edgy! I am totally loving this ensemble! I feel like a rockstar (though I don’t know how to rock hahaha). And the John Lennon glasses cost me 50 pesos only. Down side? Harry Potter print on one lens. LOL


I don’t want to sell the shoes, but to make my online shop going, I need to add more budget to it. Sooooo…yes, it’s up for grab! Check our online ukay shop on Facebook for details. =)

What I’m wearing:
Top — thrifted
Shorts — thrifted
Shoes — thrifted

The power of Ukay, beybeh!





Thrift item for this week — this cuuuuutesy top from a thrift store in Bulacan. They have really good stuff there but it’s too far from Manila so, yea. Sayang lang talaga! But anyway, I am so glad I got this top hihi :)

And ooohhh I bought a new pair of pants! This is my 2nd pants in my closet. Hahaha! I really want to learn to embrace its beauty. Di talaga ako sanay, and I think lang talaga, di para sakin ang pants. But I made an exemption for this one! The fit and the color, I just love! Plus it’s mura. Haha! Unlike other jeans worth 800 bucks up. Hahaha. Kuripot, eh?

I came up with the title because, IRL, I really wear my heart on my sleeves. I am very open when it comes to my emotions which is the very reason why I decided to make my tweets private from now on. I would also start to narrow down my followers there. I tend to rant about everything, I tend to be overjoyed about something. I broadcast my life and love to everyone. Hahaha. So the title really speaks about me! Okay, enough.

Whenever we do photoshoots for my lookbook, I always ask my Mommy Shiela or Martin to take photos of me that are worthy to be Facebook profile photo. Hahaha! And these are some of the shots Mommy Shiela took. I love them all!

What I’m wearing:
Heart top — thrifted
Jeans — St. Francis Sq. (oh they got pretty stuff, I swear!!)
Shoes — Korea







My thrift item for this week is this orange skirt from Hannah’s thrift store! I love how it fits me. I need this skirt coz I don’t have much color in my closet right now plus most of my skirts are still at our house, I need some more at my new place.

I am halfway done with our year-end accounting requirements at work. It has eaten my energy and time so I really am looking forward to FINALLY focusing on UkayOkay after all the adjustments needed to be done by next week. I miss my online shop!

Mr. O is flying to Iloilo tomorrow, so I still have to wait for him to come back to finally shoot for our new stocks. UkayOkay has been dead since holiday season. We still have few items on hand so if you want to check them, you can go here or at our Facebook page. :)

Cropped top — gift from boss
Skirt — Thrifted
Shoes — Korea






Sorry but this is one lame outfit post  because (1) My camera’s current lens is way too shaky, I can’t achieve proper photos (2) My old lens is still at Cavite (3) I was transferring stuff to my new home the day I took this photos thus the lame outfit I came up with. But to finally start with my Project52, I shall share this to you.

What I wore on the first day of the year: Vest as top — thrifted ; Skorts — thrifted ; combat shoes — Michy’s.

I decided to try shooting at this corner of my room. Thanks to Mr. O’s tripod, I can finally take my photos even if there’s no one available!

Anyway, more about my outfit. I spotted the vest at this thrift shop in V. Mapa but I used it as top this time, and paired it with my polka skorts. It’s new year and though I don’t actually rely on luck, I just want to have something polka in me. hahaha! I am also in love with Michy’s combat shoes. I wished I told her to get me those while she was in Korea.

Thrift shopping again this weekend, and hopefully, I could take photos of the store!

Island Girl

Maxi Dress – Muradito
Scarf necklace — Island Girl
Feather sandals — Island Girl
Accessories — Aldo
Hype this on lookbook here =)

I’ve been joining TWR’s blog giveaways for so long so I was really shocked when she tweeted me that I won at her TWR x Island Girl summer collection giveaway! I cannot wait to have the items delivered at my home! The scarf necklace and feather sandals are the prizes I got from the said giveaway. Most of my friends and office mates were asking me why I am not wearing my heels recently. That’s how much I love the sandals. Been abusing them! And this scarf necklace! I am not fan of loud accessories like this because I have no talent on matching them on clothes, I’m glad that it actually worked with this summer maxi dress I bought at MURADITO. I guess my styling skills is getting better! Hehe..

Loving the summer! Rainy season is about to start, are you ready? :)

Change is good

Tank top — Forever21
Shoes — Forever21
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I cannot think of a better title than this one. I am the last person on earth that loves changes. I cry whenever there are changes in my life, in me, in the ones I love. Transferring of school during grade school, graduation from high school, change in section during college, change from being a student to a working girl. It’s really hard for me to cope with changes. I find them heartbreaking! But this time of my life is different. I only went for short hair once, when I was in college. After that, I told myself I cannot take the same risk again because I did not like how I looked like back then. Just what I said from my previous post, I cut my hair last Friday. As to why? I don’t know. Maybe just to try to prove to myself that change is somehow has its good cause? Or that I should conquer my fear of changes because it’s the only permanent thing in this world? Oh well, I did go for change and it brought me to tears when the people in my life actually liked it!

Another change that you could see here is the leggings! I don’t own it pa nga e kasi I really don’t wear leggings. But Dreen would always ask me to wear leggings especially when I want to wear a tank top and partner it with shorts. He would ask me to wear leggings instead. He even told me na he’ll be the one buying them if I won’t buy for myself. Hahaha. How conservative, noh?

Change is indeed a good thing if you’ll just embrace it! Amen to that!


Romper — thrifted
Shoes — Forever21

Don’t you just hate how bipolar our weather is lately? Early in the morning, it would rain, and then at around 11am, it’s going to be really hot and then by afternoon, it would rain really hard. It’s payback time, Mother nature says!

So, as to be safe for the bipolar weather, I went for a bipolar outfit too. When I think of summer dresses and rompers, I think of flip flops and sandals and flats. But this time, I chose not to. I went for this lovely pair just to give a bipolar touch on my outfit. Carefree romper over a killer pair of shoes!

Thrift stores are the best. Would you believe that this floral romper is only for P180.00? It’s my favorite romper ever! Perfect for summer.

But let’s talk more about my newest baby — ze shoes!

I died when I saw these at Forever21. It was Friday night and I had no enough money with me. I went back on Saturday afternoon and I literally sat on the floor, almost cried, when I noticed that the shoes were no longer displayed on the rack where I found them! My bully boyfriend was laughing at me because I really look like a kid who lost her toy or candy! I asked the staff about the whereabouts of the shoes! Oh you can just imagine the sparkle in my eyes once I heard them say that they still have stocks of it! But there’s this one staff who connived with Dreen and told me there’s no longer size available for me. I almost cried, really! I just have to have this pair and I am not gonna go out without them! My ever loving boyfriend paid half the price. I don’t know what to do without him!

Love this look? Hype it on lookbook here :) Happy summer!


Sheer top — landmark
Mullet Skirt — Muradito
Shoes — Charles and keith
Bag — thrifted
Hype this on Lookbook here :)
Photographed by my beloved officemate. 

I just got my new baby in the form of Nikon D90 so I decided to test it by shooting for an outfit post. I can’t wait to have a 50mm 1.8 . I want boeklicious photographs soon! I am still stuck with 55-200mm T_T

BTW, I name my new camera Leika. Cisi has a new mommy na :(