100 Films — Ruby Sparks

100 films


100 films 2013 — APRIL AND MAY

002 Ruby Sparks (2012) - ★★★★★
003 The Bridesmaids (2011) - ★★★☆☆
004 The Host  (2013) ★★★★☆
005 Upside Down (2012) - ★★★★☆
006 Hugo (2011) ★★★☆☆
007 The Breakfast Club (1985)  - ★★★★☆
008 I am Sam (2001) - ★★★★★
009 About a Boy (2002) - ★★★★☆
010 August Rush (2007) ★★★★☆

I haven’t watched much movies during summer because I have no means to download! Good thing Mr. O got some of the movies above from his boss.

Of all, my favorite is Ruby Sparks. It’s pretty interesting and really entertaining. Plus I love the setting of the movie. It’s so pleasing to the eyes. I also love how the plot went. Very unpredictable! Really, a must watch!

I hope this project progresses this June. Now that I am busier at my new work, good luck with that!


Best Awkward Episode, yet!


Awkward Season 3, Episode 7


I am was a Jenna-Jake fan but NOW I AM ROOTING FOR MATTY (also because Tamara and Jake look adorable together)!


Why I love weekends

I always look forward to weekends because I get to rest, and by rest I mean sleep. But this weekend is a different from my usual weekends.


Friday was ended with some catching up with my closest friends at work. It’s been a year or so when we last did this and it felt good to get together again. I will surely miss these girls because for three years, we had a LOOOOOT of moments together, memorable ones. I had my first ever alcoholic drink with them, got really drunk for the first time with the same people, they witnessed my two heartbreaks, someone got married and had a baby, two of them got their boyfriends while the other two remain single even after three years (I KNOW!). It’s a rollercoaster ride but such ride is worth it because I have learned so much. I have became matured — financially speaking,because being the youngest they teach and encourage me to save money. If there is one thing that I am grateful for when I worked with Jollibee, it’s the fact that I met these people, that despite all the misunderstanding and drama, at the end, I still got their backs and they got mine. I wish nothing but the best (cliche) and hope that I can have the same kind of friends at my new work. *fingerscrossed*


I guess everyone knows Aia. Well, she texted me yesterday afternoon, inviting me to their house to shoot with our film cameras. But since I have read her texts late (because Mr. O made me accompany him from San Juan to Cubao for some canvassing for his new “stuff”), I arrived at their house around 8pm-ish so the shoot didn’t push through. Instead, we stalked our favorite bloggers and talked about other people on Tumblr. Things we love to do when we’re together. Hahaha. With all the knowledge and inside rumors we know about these cyber people, we can actually put up a blog about it. I guess that would really sell!!!


She has a friend who came home from Singapore and bought her all these Instax films. You see, instax films are TOO EXPENSIVE here in the PH and so when she learned that it is being sold at almost half the price in Singapore, this happened. NOW ALL MY FRIENDS WHO ARE IN SINGAPORE, PLEASE DO PM ME NOW, lol. I know she wants to keep these for herself but I just had to convince her to give me a box for Php 200.00 plus I am sure she won’t say no because I traveled all my way up to Antipolo for her. HAHAHAHA love you Aia!

Monday again tomorrow, I only have two more weeks with Jollibee. I can’t explain how I am feeling right now but since it’s Sunday, I am just gonna sleep again. BYYYYEEE!



I’ve been on hiatus for a week or so and it’s not even planned. I mean, yes, maybe I grew tired of blogging and/or reading blogs but I still do check out my Facebook. But last week, I just stopped. Didn’t touch any internet-powered stuff (my phone’s 3G is off) and just let my days pass without even bothering to know what’s happening in the social world. I guess I have to blame the results of the recent Senatorial election for the hiatus. Seeing the results just made me go beeenkk.

It felt good actually, the hiatus — to somehow detach from the internet, spend time alone, working on making myself more valuable.

I think I am having a quarter-life crisis or something. I feel like I just got lost or confused on what I really want to be, or do, or work on. I quit my job which I have been holding on for almost three years, took a risk on my dream company which BTW took me a month and a whole lot of torture before I got in (but I’m not complaining because it’s all worth it!!). Little did I know, that the decision I made has a huge (huge as in H-U-G-E) impact on the people I’m working with and it made me sad. I was crying for a day because I hate the fact that people are hurting because of me in which I don’t want to feel guilty about because, hey, it’s my decision to make and it’s my dream I am chasing, right? But I guess, for every action there’s always an equal/opposite reaction. 

Taking a new road, stepping out of my comfort zone is I guess, one of the bravest things I have done in my 23 years of living. They say I am blessed to get my dreams at a young age, and yes, I feel like I am and can never be any grateful because of that. But at the same time, I am still scared. Getting what you really want sometimes is more scary than not getting it. Because there’s a greater fear of losing it again, of hurting, of failing. But I will always remember what Nick Vujicic said : failure equals education and that if there’s one thing you really really want, you just gotta pursue it. I also believe that yes, good things happen to those who wait, but the greatest things in life happen to those who pursue! :D

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, but lately I’ve realized that sometimes you have to put in the effort yourself to make something you want to happen, happen. And if it doesn’t end up working out, then you’ll know it wasn’t meant to be — but at least you tried. And hey, you can always try again! Things will work out. As long as you make an effort to make it happen.


Film Photography

mish1 005I don’t know what I deserve to have 2 out of my 3 wishes in a week! But whatever it is, I have nothing but gratitude and happiness! Haha! 

I went home this morning and saw this lying in my bed. I suddenly forgot that I had to go to work and prepare, I just jumped and hugged Mr. O and keep on telling him how giddy, happy and really really thankful I am for this. I tried shooting film in 2011 but my shots were all overexposed, I gave up. But inspired by Kimi and Angel, I have found my love and awe in film photography once again! I love the feeling of excitement to see your shots, and not taking every shot you’ve got for granted.

I just bought a roll and printed a manual. I’m gonna try this once I got the basics of it!! Yahhoooo!!


Back to Basics


This is my default look: dress, straight hair, light make-up, high heels. But for some time, I gave it a rest. Going to office looking like blah, not wanting to dress up. I can say that I lost my energy in doing so just cause. I have a lot going on in myself, I guess? When I arrived at work this morning, my friends said “Nagbalik ka!” and I guess I am? After all the confusions, heartbreaks, brokenness, I hope I am now a whole new different person! =)

Last night, I watched Nick Vujicic at Araneta Coliseum. It was such an adventure getting tickets, I had a migraine attack! But I must say, it was all worth it! Hearing this man talk is such a life-changing event!

Here are the things I have learned from him:

1. COURAGE not FEAR  : Courage is doing something in presence of fear.

2. When you failed, try again.


4. Be thankful. Stop looking for what you don’t have!

5. Money is NOTHING. (You are rich, but you have an unhappy life, it’s nothing)

6. The greatest things in life are not things.

7. You don’t need the courage to win, you need the courage to fail!

8. Obstacles = Opportunities

9. Find your PURPOSE to find your COURAGE

10. Be yourself, make good choices.

11. Don’t go with the flow because you sure don’t wanna end up the way they end up.

12. If you aren’t generous today, you won’t be generous tomorrow. So make a difference today.

13. If you are not happy being single, you won’t be happy being married.

I was crying at the last part of it when he was talking about self-worth and being beautiful just the way we are. Coming from a man who was born with no arms and legs, I feel like I have no reasons to feel ugly if he sees himself as one who is wonderfully made by God! I love this guy and I wanna thank him for being so courageous and persistent in inspiring people. If at first failure he stopped his dream of being a motivational speaker, he wouldn’t be able to touch lives including mine! I pray that I can find that inner Nick in me. If we all let go of our negative selves, build each other up, and help one another, this world would be a priceless beauty!

If there is one thing I got to realize from last night, it’s that I should feed myself more of positive, beautiful, good things and stay away from negative people. I wanna stop living a life of rants, complains and hatred. I wanna be a light, a smile that makes everyone smile. I wanna be a friend whom everyone can lean on, can rely on, not the one who is always in need of everything. I want a change in my lifestyle, a complete 180 degrees. I wanna be that! I can be that if I start today! :)

Here’s to a brand new spirit!


Geneva the Instax Mini


Since 2010 (or 2011), when I learned about the Hello Kitty Instax Mini 25, I told myself I want one. But it is too expensive for my life. Came the Instax 7s which falls between P3000-P4000, I still didn’t get myself one because “the new Mish won’t buy unnecessary things anymore”, told to myself. I was begging Mr. O to gift me one but he’s more kuripot than me, he won’t.

I was leaving my present company by 1st week of June and one of my closest friends asked me what I want as a gift. I joked about wanting an instax camera and he offered me to buy one. FREE! Would you believe thaaat? 3 years or 2 of wanting to have an instax camera has now became a reality!!! Woot wooot! Love my friends!!


The first choice was to get the Instax wide 210 because the prints are wider? lol. But the store run out of stock of it and only had stocks for mini 8s, 7s, 25s and 50s (which is the most genius, it has self-timer!!). Of all, I settled with this the latest — the Instax mini 8s in yellow. Pink isn’t available so I chose yellow since it is my second favorite in the crayola family. Plus it is the cutest among all!





(1) The saleslady took a photo of me and Gene when we bought the camera. (2) When we got home (after attending Nick Vujicic talk in Araneta which I will blog next), I took a shot of Mr. O while he’s eating his sandwich (3) And he took a shot of me in my boxers and instax mini 8s box, lol.

I am reminding myself not to use the films for vanity purposes because dude, it is too expensive FOR MY LIFE!!

And after a lot of thinking, I decided that I am naming my new camera…Geneva. :D


Taking a New Road



Recently, I have braved life. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and lost my grip on the things I am holding on. It was a tough decision, people will get hurt, eyes would judge, but I know that this decision is for myself, and that I am happy with it so I took the risk.

I still am not sure where this new road will take me but that’s really the thing about life, right? You don’t know what’s gonna happen. All I know is that, this is what I am dreaming of, this is what I want, and with that in my heart, I know…I will be happy.

No regrets!


100 FILMS before 2013 ends

Since I find myself loving watching movies lately, (well I always do actually!), and that my blog is pretty dead these days, I decided to…tenen — challenge myself once again! Okay, so this is going to be hard, since I forever suck at challenges and I haven’t accomplished any! Yup, even the 20-something Instagram challenge that seems to be so easy has been down the drain! I do not know why I always fail. Oh wait, I know! Because I am such a lazy ass, that’s why!

Anyway, to begin this challenge and thankfully, May has just started, I will include here the movies I did watch since day 1. (I’m nervous now that I think of how this thing will go!)


FILM 001 : Take This Waltz (2011)

I don’t know when I actually downloaded this movie but I’m glad I did. It is boring to watch (for some reviews I happened to read) but I had no problem with it. Truth is, I actually loved it. It’s about a girl who had a short trip somewhere (I forgot where, haha) and met this one cute guy who then sat next to her on the airplane and found themselves laughing and sharing facts about each other. Thing is, Margo is married to a guy who is really sweet (I could really tell by the movie that he loves her) but the only problem is…they got stuck, and their relationship is nothing but pure boredom. They live together, go out on anniversaries and soon…stopped talking about things. Because…they knew everything about each other already. Or maybe because, in my conclusion, they just stopped trying to make it work. And that is why Margot seems to find herself falling for this new guy who actually happened to be his neighbor. The story ended with Margot leaving her husband to be with this new guy…whom she had great sex with, but soon enough…became as boring as her old relationship.

I think the reason why I loved the movie was well because, I see a lot of myself in Margot (I seem to see myself a lot in everyone else, that’s so annoying) because of the way she handles her relationships. I had that moment. I got bored of someone, and then met a new one and soon left the old one to be with the new guy whom I thought could make a difference. Soon enough, it is just the same old story. At first it was happy, and then you get used to things, got bored and lose yourself once again.

I was crying at the last part of it because I imagine myself saying goodbye to Mr. O and our crazy ways of goofing at each other. I do not want that to happen even if, I have to admit it, that we get bored at times or sick at each others’ presence. Even though we are not as sweet as before, or as happily in love as before, I still want to make it work. Because, accept it. Love is happiest at the first few stages. You think he is your world. You cannot live without him. You wanna wrap yourself up with him, all day long. Then soon, you’ll get used to it, you’ll find yourself bored at some point –doing the same things you always do. Getting stuck, and eventually, losing your interest. But you know why some relationships do last? Because they make it work. And that’s the thing about love. You make it work. Every single day.

Oh the things I learn by watching movies.